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It’s the eve of Maddie’s birthday. One more hour as a 3 year old, although she told me today that she has been 4 for 4 weeks already- duh mom. Guess that’s what happens when you celebrate early. Funny thing is, her expectations for her “real” birthday have been made quite clear to us all …

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{some of the pics below are iPhone pics. I love them just as much, if not more than my big fancy shmancy camera pics} Every day this month, I posted one picture on facebook of what I was thankful for. Ok, every day but two that just slipped by.  But really, there aren’t enough days …

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making memories

A few weeks ago, the girls received an invitation from Grandma inviting them to a Halloween party at her house yesterday. They made me read them the hints over and over- “Lunch, Games, Fun, Crafts & Ghost Hunt”. I think they carried the invitation around with them for hours that day and have pulled it …

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five years old

My first born little angel turned five, and like usual, I am late with her pictures. Poor girl always gets lost in the middle of my fall crazy season. She actually asked me when we were taking them (several times), and pointed out that Madison got hers done before her party so we could hang …

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